copy of espi_march_2009.jpg 27 March 2009. In the framework of the project on “The Economic and Policy Aspects of Space Regulations in Europe” leading international experts met for a brainstorming at ESPI.

In response to the growth of private space activities, some countries in Europe have recently enacted laws regulating space activities in accordance to their international obligations. With the aim to strike a balance between public interests and a swift development of private space activities countries have adopted different legal formulas. How these legislations affect the decisions of private actors and how the EU could contribute to create a favorable regulatory environment are top questions that ESPI is aiming to enlighten through its study on “The Economic and Policy Aspects of Space Regulations in Europe”.


Clockwise from left: Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Armel Kerrest, Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd,
Ulrike Bohlmann, Kenneth Hodgkins, Irmgard Marboe, Sergio Marchisio,
Rafael Moro Aguilar, Niklas Hedman, Matxalen Sanchez-Aranzamendi

For this brainstorming meeting, ESPI’s Project Manager Matxalen Sanchez Aranzamendi had prepared overviews on the elements of national space laws with potential effects on the space private sector in a comparative perspective, and lead questions on pertinent issues related to policy aspects. The participating experts (the President of the European Centre for Space Law, Sergio Marchisio, the Chairwoman of the UNCOPUOS Working Group on National Space Legislation Irmgard Marboe, the Head of the UNOOSA Research Section Niklas Hedman and eminent experts from universities and agencies as Armel Kerrest, Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd, Ulrike Bohlmann and Rafael Moro Aguilar as well as from outside Europe, the responsible Director in the US State Department Kenneth Hodgkins) investigated, moderated by ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl, on how authorisation procedures, security/safety requirements and liability conditions can be shaped in a way to facilitate private space activities in Europe. The results of this meeting will contribute to the preparation of an ESPI Report managed by Matxalen Sanchez Aranzamendi, which is due in September 2009. 


ESPI Project Manager Matxalen Sanchez Aranzamendi




photo credit: ESPI

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