prague.jpg 28 March 2008. ESPI was invited to chair the concluding discussion panel at the European Interparliamentary Space Conference(EISC) workshop on space applications, which was hosted by the Czech Republic in Prague.

Following the visit of Czech Vice Minister Petr Slegr and his delegation at ESPI on 26 February 2008 (webnews here), ESPI has started to support the Czech Presidency of EISC. The first visible result was the invitation of ESPI's Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl to chair the concluding discussion panel at the policy session of the "NavAge 08" conference. This conference was a three day event with numerous technical presentations and a policy session comprising high-ranking representatives of European institutions during the last day. The concluding panel of this session comprised a member each of the Belgian senate and the Romanian parliament, the head of the Czech Space Office two academics from Slovakia and the Netherlands and a representative from EADS.

Main topics discussed during the policy session and the panel discussion were, how countries (in particular smaller ones) can develop niche markets and what competences they need for that purpose; how to identify, understand and interact with the users; how can service continuity be guaranteed for commercial uses and what liability regime(s) should be enacted; what missions and structures should be foreseen for operating Galileo and GMES. In particular the last point mentioned drew the interest of the hosts, since the Czech Republic is positioning itself for become the seat for a Galileo entity.

In a concise statement, EISC stressed the need to have a strong participation of the new EU members States in GMES and Galileo and also highlighted the Czech initiative for a Galileo User Forum (GUF).


Panel with Kai-Uwe Schrogl moderating and i.a. Belgian Senator R. de Vivier and Romanian Member of Parliament L.Nistoran 













photo credits: Helmut Spitzl; EISC




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