28 November 2011. In cooperation with the French Embassy and the publisher SpringerWienNewYork, ESPI presented Jacques Arnould’s recent book “Icarus’ Second Chance” which has been published within the ESPI book series “Studies in Space Policy”.

ESPI and Jacques Arnould from the French Space Agency (CNES) were invited by the French Embassy to present Jacques Arnould’s recent book, “Icarus’ Second Chance - The Basis and Perspectives of Space Ethics” Vol. 6 of the ESPI book series “Studies in Space Policy”, at the Institut Francais de Vienne. The hosts, the Science Attaché Jean-Luc Steffan together with ESPI Director Peter Hulsroj, introduced an interesting discussion which was moderated by Michael Freund, Professor of media communication at Webster University Vienna and journalist for the Austrian daily “Der Standard”. Jacques Arnould’s introduction to the book highlighted how the ethical perspectives on space and space activities tended to be neglected; which led the debate in a rather philosophical direction. Thematical issues such as the ethical aspect of surveillance from space, human spaceflight as a fundamental human aspiration, the use and misuse of space and the problematical issue of space debris as a direct threat to human activities in space were touched upon. Many fundamental ethical questions concerning planet earth and the universe were raised and interesting arguments on the benefit of space for humanity were given by the author.    

From left: Maxime Enderli (Institut Français, Peter Hulsroj (ESPI Director), Jacques Arnould (CNES), Blandina Baranes (ESPI Communications Manager), Michael Freund (Webster University Vienna / Der Standard), Jean-Luc Steffan (Attaché de coopération scientifique et universitaire)

Panel with from left: Michael Freund (Webster University Vienna / Der Standard), Peter Hulsroj (ESPI Director), Jacques Arnould (CNES)

The audience

This evening which was organised by ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes, underlined ESPI’s position as a platform also for interdisciplinary dialogue.

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Photo Credit:ESPI

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