europe_ssa.jpg 29 February 2008. ESPI today released the study “Europe’s Way to Space Situational Awareness (SSA)“. It highlights key aspects of a future European SSA system, such as data policy, institutional questions and a business model.

Parallel to ongoing European efforts to set up a system for Space Situational Awareness, ESPI has performed a study on specific aspects of SSA during the second half of 2007. The final report (download here) identifies critical issues, discusses various options and gives suggestions for the way forward. The project received valuable input from an SSA expert meeting organized by ESPI on 6 September 2007 in Vienna.

SSA refers to knowing the motion data and function of relevant space objects and realizing space related threats. The European Space Situational Awareness System is foreseen as user-driven and planned to serve both military and civilian entities from the outset. This implies the necessity to find a balance between free data flows and confidentiality needs. If the system is to feature commercial elements, its products will have to offer added value in respect to freely available SSA information.

ssa expert meeting-1.jpg

SSA expert meeting at ESPI on 6 September 2007 with Wolfgang Rathgeber chairing

The study was conducted by ESPI research fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber, who is in charge of “space and security” topics at ESPI. This year, a number of corresponding ESPI projects will be run, like a two part study on European space security governance and on the associated standing of Europe at the global level. For this endeavour, the SSA study will provide a substantial basis.

The study will be presented at Brussels on 6 March 2008 (invitation download here).

photo credit: ESPI

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