alpbach_2008.jpg 29 July 2008. Again this year, ESPI has been invited to contribute to the major summer schools in the field of space research, policy and law.

As it was the case last year, ESPI’s research activities were appreciated inputs to the three major summer schools dealing with space issues. First, ESPI’s Senior Research Fellow Pierre-Henri Pisani was invited to participate in the Summer Session Programme of the International Space University (ISU), which took place in Barcelona, Spain. There he spoke on a panel dealing with the perspectives of the European space policy. At the Summer School Alpbach, Austria, focusing on Sample Return from Moon, Asteroids and Comets this year, ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl gave a presentation on the legal aspects of space exploration and ESPI’s Treasurer Michel A. Jakob held the function of the Tutor Liaison. Finally, for the Summer Course on Space Law and Policy - which will take place in September in Genoa, Italy – Kai-Uwe Schrogl will give a presentation on the concept of the “launching State”. With this combined participation, ESPI shows the relevance of its activities and research also for the academic field, educating and supporting the next generation of the space community.


from left to right: René Osterlinck (ESA, Director Navigation), Chris de Cooker (ESA, Head International Relations Department), Pierre-Henri Pisani (ESPI, Senior Research Fellow), Jeff Hoffman (former Astronaut, MIT), Walter Peeters (Dean, ISU)

- Presentation "Requirements for successful future space exploration programmes"
- Presentation "Legal aspects of  space exploration"
- Presentation "The legal concept of the 'launching State' "


photo credits:  ESPI, FFG

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