report6_thumb.gif 29 November 2007. Today, ESPI released the report of the study “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007”. This study is a thorough analysis of the major space events that occurred between January 2006 and June 2007 and presents in a single document comprehensive data and analysis characterising global space activities over this period.

The European Space Agency (ESA) publishes since 2002 a report providing an overview of the European space sector in a global context. This annual report entitled "The European Space Sector in a Global Context" takes into account the geopolitical and economic changes that occurred in a given year that are of importance to the European space sector to put it in a boarder context. Under a Framework Contract, ESPI has been tasked by ESA to prepare an assessment of the global space context to support its in-house analysis.



Nicolas PETER, ESPI research fellow


This study “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007”, done by ESPI Research Fellow Nicolas Peter, provides an overview of the European space sector in a global context. It investigates global political and economic trends, as well as the size and developments of the global space sector. It reviews the major developments in space faring countries, and in particular their space policies and strategies. This Report looks also at the European institutional market, as well as the defence perspective and the specific role of institutions. ESPI’s analysis provides also facts and figures of the other space powers to put the development of the European space sector into perspective and aims to provide information and analysis contributing to facilitate the decision-making process.

This Report was also contained as Annex to the non-public document ESA/C/(2007)127 entitled “The European Space Sector in the Global Context – ESA Annual Analysis 2006-07” which was prepared for ESA Council meeting on 2 October 2007.

photo credit: ESPI

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