esf.jpg 3 April 2009. Following the joint conference on “Humans in Outer Space”, the European Science Foundation (ESF) set up a programme on this topic, supported by ESPI. In this context a two-day workshop was held, investigating in multi-disciplinary approaches to this field.

The successful conduct of the conference on “Humans in Outer Space – Interdisciplinary Odysseys”, co-organised by ESF, ESA and ESPI in Vienna on 11-12 October 2007, the European Science Foundation (ESF) decided to continue to further elaborate this topic. It opened a call for expression of interest in order to identify additional single issues from various disciplines, which would merit deeper analysis. Led in ESF by Jean-Claude Worms, a steering committee was set up with the participation of ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl. It prepared the agenda for the resulting two day conference, which took place from 2-3 April 2009 in La Palma and which elaborated on numerous new ideas and approaches to humans in outer space (ESF conference website here). The conference was chaired by Ulrike Landfester, professor at St. Gallen University, who is also a member in ESPI’s Advisory Council.

ESPI also contributed to the conference. Kai-Uwe Schrogl gave an introductory presentation on “The policy context for Humans in Outer Space” and chaired one session. ESPI project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß talked about “Humans in Outer Space – From Envoys of Mankind to Combatants?” scrutinising the role of astronauts in the military use of outer space and discussing different paths of how the role of astronauts could develop in this respect. In addition, Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, the Executive Office of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) hosted by ESPI and an assistant editor of the publication of the proceedings of the first HiOS conference, offered a new space generation survey on what the young generation thinks about humans in outer space.

It is planned to publish selected, further elaborated, presentations in the series “Studies in Space Policy” edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork. Further to that ESPI will be involved in preparing a proposal for an ESFForward Look on Humans in Outer Space which could lead to a series of  interdisciplinary workshops and conferences on that topic.








ESPI Project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß addresses the audience
On the podium: Jean-Claude Worms, ESF


SGAC Executive Officer Agnieszka Lukaszczyk addresses the audience


- Presentation “The policy context for Humans in Outer Space”.
- Presentation “Humans in Outer Space – From Envoys of Mankind to Combatants?”

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photo credit: ESPI

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