copy (2) of yearbook 20072008_s.jpg 3 June 2009. The second volume of the “Yearbook on Space Policy” edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork has been released. It covers the period of mid 2007 to mid 2008 and is entitled “From Policies to Programmes”.

Publishing the second volume of the Yearbook on Space Policy, ESPI is proceeding on the way for a continuous coverage and analysis of political developments in space policy issues. “New Impetus for Europe” was the subtitle of the first volume indicating the emphasis on the strategic relevance of space policy in Europe. Embedded in a European perception, global developments, political dynamics and technological achievements are analysed.

The “Yearbook on Space Policy 2007/2008. From Policies to Programmes” focuses on global space activities and their influence on European policies in general, in technology and security issues. This years issue sheds particular light on how recent policy announcements entered into substantive programmes strengthening the European position in the international area.

 copy of yearbook 20072008.jpg







Cover of the “Yearbook on Space Policy 2007/2008”

Again, this volume emerged from ESPI’s Autumn Conference (see webnews here) where ten highly reputed experts - members of the ESPI coordinated European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN) - were invited to contribute to this year’s issue. The concept of the first volume was repeated this year to assure continuity in approach and style. The first part analyses Europe’s space activities in the global context. The second part comprises closer views and insights on specific space policy topics of importance. The third part provides a chronology and bibliography for the time period of mid 2007 to mid 2008.


Contributors to the “Yearbook on Space Policy 2007/2008”
From left: Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Charlotte Mathieu, Jan Wouters, Isabelle Sourbès-Verger,
Lucia C. Marta, Nicolas Peter, Blandina Baranes, Jean-Claude Worms, Laurence Nardon,
Mischa Hansel, Henry R. Hertzfeld, Marcel Dickow

With this second volume ESPI underlines its dedication to continue steadily with this publication concept and to provide a comprehensive reference series. ESPI’s cooperation with the publisher Springer WienNewYork is continuously developing and space policy is receiving through this close cooperation a high significance in academic publishing.


The editorial team of the "Yearbook on Space Policy 2007/2008"
From left: Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Blandina Baranes, Charlotte Mathieu, Nicolas Peter

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photo credits: ESPI, Springer WienNewYork

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