30 August 2011. Jacques Arnould, provides with this publication within the ESPI book series "Studies in Space Policy" a profound ethical study of space venture. It examines the question how space is an enrichment for society and a benefit for humanity from an ethics and philosophical viewpoint.

For the first time the focus has been put on the ethical aspect of space achievements and its impact on mankind. The book is a pathfinder in applying an ethic methodology to the use of space. The questions of "how" and "why" are leading us not only to a critical analsis but also to our ability to establish an opinion  and to make a decision, as Jacques Arnould states in his conclusion.

Being the sixth volume within the ESPI book series "Studies in Space Policy" edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork, this book underlines ESPI's aspiration of interdisciplinarity.

ESPI together with the French Embassy in Vienna will organise an evening event and book presentation  at the Institut Français de Vienne in November 2011. Jacques Arnould together with Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Gerhard Thiele and Blandina Baranes will participate at an accompanying event at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 where ESPI will present its publications.

Jacques Arnould author of "Icarus' Second Chance. The Basis and Perspectives of Space Ethics"

Jacques Arnould holds a Ph.D. in History of Sciences and a Ph.D. in Theology. In his capacity as Ethics Adviser to the President of CNES (French Space Agency) his fields of expertise are: ethical, social and cultural aspects of space activities.

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Photo credits: SpringerWienNewYork, Jacques Arnould

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