4brussels2008.jpg 30 January 2008. Today, ESPI presented the results of the recent studies on space commercialisation and innovation in the space sector to an expert audience in Brussels.

Rolf Skaar, study leader of "Commercialisation of space and its evolution" (download here) and "How to stimulate and sustain technology innovation in the space sector" (available online next week) presented the main research findings and ideas and proposals arising from the work on these issues (presentation download here) at the Permanent Mission of Norway to the European Union in Brussels. The event was opened with remarks by ESPI's Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl and the chairman of ESPI's Advisory Council, Herbert Allgeier. The presentation was attended by around forty persons coming from the European Commission, ESA, national space agencies and ministries, space industry and space operators as well as diplomatic representatives.

 In his presentation and during the discussion period, Rolf Skaar stressed the need for European commercial space companies to continue to succeed in the global market as they have been doing in the past. This requires a continued focus on innovation, for example that ESA succeeds in getting funding for its technology innovation programme NewPro. Areas during the discussion were the importance of sustained technology development for the largest commercial space activity, i.e. communications, in order to strengthen the operators in the competition with terrestrial services; the stimulation of creating services for Galileo; the role of universities in the innovation process and the question of how to attract young people to aim at a career in space. Finally, the importance of giving the young professionals early and real hands-on experience was highlighted.


Rolf Skaar
 brussels2008.jpgpresenting the study results



Audience during the presentation2brussels2008.jpg

Herbert Allgeier and Rolf Skaar3brussels2008.jpg 


Audience during the presentation

photo credit: ESPI

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