30 March 2012. Issue 58 of the "ESPI Perspectives" series presents a discussion on Europe as a space power and the European approach to security in space.

To use space for security, there must be security in space. While Europe acknowledges the importance of using space assets for achieving security there is a lack of recognition of space as a strategic environment, including antagonistic threats in space. Therefore, it is argued that Europe needs a strategy or policy to address the issue of space control and to bind the various elements of space power together.

Lars Höstbeck, co-author of “ESPI Perspectives 58”

Lars Höstbeck has since 1995 been working for the Swedish Defence Research Agency, where he currently is head of division for Information and Aeronautical Systems. Mr. Höstbeck has served as an expert on a number of space projects for the Swedish Armed Forces focusing on military space policy. He has also been adviser to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs regarding space security and space aspects of arms control and non-proliferation. Mr. Höstbeck served as technical expert to the Swedish representatives in the EU Council work on the Space Code of Conduct. He has a Masters degree in Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Eva Bernhardsdotter, co-author of “ESPI Perspectives 58”

Dr Eva Bernhardsdotter is currently working as a scientist at the Swedish Defence Research Agency specialising in issues relating to space, security and defence. She provides expertise to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Armed Forces on arms control in space, space policy and military space capabilities. Dr Bernhardsdotter is also serving as a technical expert in the EU-initiated efforts regarding the Space Code of Conduct. Formerly she has worked at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the Swedish Space Corporation in the areas of microgravity and astrobiology research as well as satellite mission design. Dr Bernhardsdotter has an MSc degree in Chemical Engineering, a BSc degree in Space Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science.

- ESPI Perspectives 58: “A European Approach to the New Strategic Space Environment.”



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