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30 October 2012. ESPI, in its capacity as IAP Ambassador Platform for Central and Eastern Europe, was invited to give a presentation on partnership models for the benefit of space-based services, at the General Assembly of NEREUS in Brussels.

NEREUS, the Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies, is an initiative by regions from all over Europe that aims at exploring the benefits of space technologies for regions and their citizens as well as to spread their applications. On 30 October 2012, NEREUS organised its annual General Assembly in which the members also discussed the opportunities of ESA and EU programmes to develop regional space based applications. Therefore in the afternoon session speakers from the European Commission, ESA and ESPI were invited to give presentations on the objectives and opportunities as well as possibilities for cooperation with NEREUS.

ESPI Resident Fellow Erich Klock gave a presentation on “Partnership models for the benefit of sustainable space-based services: Identifying innovative funding mechanisms” (download here). This presentation built on the outcome and main discussion points of an ESPI workshop on this topic, which took place in June 2012. This workshop provided a platform for discussing new mechanisms to secure an adequate level of financing for space-based services while reflecting various models for allocating responsibilities and risks between the public and the private sector. The event brought together leaders in space, finance, law, and business to discuss and identify ways in which space-based services might or might not suit various funding mechanisms.

Nereus 30102012
The panelists (from left): Erich Klock (ESPI), Peter Breger (European Commission), Alan Wells (NEREUS), Roya Ayazi (NEREUS), Thomas Bouvet (ESA)

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