espi_logo_website31 October 2007. The General Assembly, ESPI’s supervisory body, today approved the workplan and its associated budget for the year 2008. Furthermore, a new Advisory Council was elected.

This meeting of the General Assembly was the first following the change in the leadership of ESPI to Kai-Uwe Schrogl on 1 September 2007. It therefore contained numerous new elements representing the novel strategic approach for the Institute regarding products, services and partnership schemes. ESPI’s members strongly supported the new approach reaching to 2010. 

Under the chairmanship of Harald Posch (Head of the Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency), the General Assembly adopted the workplan 2008, which comprises the main study projects. These deal with the governance of European space security and the prevention of an arms race in outer space, global cooperation in the field of satellite navigation, a foresight on space exploration, the international space relations of Russia and the link between basic research and industry in the European space sector. These study projects will be conducted under participation of the research network coordinated by ESPI. They will provide thoroughly researched mid-term perspectives to decision-makers. At the same time, the according budget 2008, prepared by ESPI’s treasurer Michel Jakob, was adopted.

The General Assembly also decided on changes in the denomination of two governing bodies: the Secretary General is further on named Director and the Steering Committee will be called Advisory Council. This brings the denomination of ESPI’s organs more in line with other research institutes.

At this meeting, a new Advisory Council was elected for the period 2008-2010. Under the continued leadership of Herbert Allgeier, this Council – providing the Secretariat of ESPI with medium-term orientations with respect to research and network activities – now comprises ten personalities from the space but also related fields. This new composition is also a signal for the approach to open ESPI for more trans-disciplinary work. 


from left: Rolf Skaar, Andrea Vena-ESA, Giuseppe Morsillo-ESA, Arlène Ammar Israel-CNES, Harald Posch-FFG/ALR, Michel Jakob, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Ivan Vilafrance-Arias-ARIANESPACE, Jürgen Ortner-DLR

photo credit: ESPI

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