straw  logo.jpg 4 August 2009. Following a recent workshop of the FP7 project “Security Technology Active Watch” (STRAW), ESPI joined the expert panel of this activity, which will provide the first European service of a technology watch in this area.

The FP7 project STRAW  is aiming since its launch in 2008 at providing an European Service of Technology Watch (TW) on security technologies, which will also include space applications. STRAW is not only advising potential end-users about the fundamental technologies and existing technology gaps but also brings together the defence and security research industry for developing new civil applications. The main output will be a web-based IT system with a TW list and an interface for entering data on user requirements. The STRAW consortium is led by Atos Origin SAE.

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Following her participation at the STRAW Workshop in Rome on 23 June 2009, Nina-Louisa Remuß, ESPI Project Manager for Space and Internal Security, was invited to become a member of STRAW’s expert panel, assessing and validating the work carried out by the project consortium. Experts will not only guide STRAW’s activities but their opinion will also be crucial in assuring the expected quality of delivered work. The STRAW workshop in Rome comprised a presentation of the project, a strategic session on the security research priorities at EU level and two thematic sessions on “Crisis management” and “Ensuring law and order”. Among the guest speakers included representatives of the European Commission and relevant European initiatives on Security such as ESRIF and EOS. The second workshop will be held in Madrid in January 2009, with Nina-Louisa Remuß then participating in her function as member of the expert panel.








ESPI Project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß
















photo credit: ESPI

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