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4 October 2012. ESPI is proud to announce that it has now complemented its products with video offerings as well. The first two videos are covering the podium discussion between Roy Gibson, the first Director General of ESA, and Andre Lebeau, ESA's first Deputy Director General, held in Paris on 15 May 2012, and the evening event on Humanitarian Telemedicine, with a keynote speech by Krishnaswarmy Kasturirangan, former chairman of ISRO and currently a member of the Planning Commission of India, held on June 14, 2012 in Vienna.

ESPI arranges many events of general interest. Unfortunately not all interested persons may have been able to attend, and for the unlucky ones who cannot experience a given event in person ESPI now offers the second-best, the video record, for a number of selected events. The first videos cover the first event in ESPI's series 'Senior Voices', and the kick-off event on humanitarian telemedicine.

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