9 September 2010. For the past two days, ESPI’s 4th Autumn Conference took place with a meeting of the authors of the Yearbook on Space Policy 2009/2010 as its centrepiece and as an opportunity for the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN) to gather and interact.


Key issues of space policy development were discussed at this year’s Autumn Conference by leading experts in the field (programme download here). The spectrum ranged from the effects of the global crisis on the space sector to space as a tool for climate change and disaster management or to governance issues in Europe. The experts assembled for the Yearbook, which gave presentations on their draft contributions were: Christophe Venet (University of Tübingen, Germany), Rainer Sandau (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, ISPRS), Heike Wieland (European GNSS Supervisory Authority, GSA), Simonetta Cheli (ESA), Leslie Jane Smith (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany), Ray Harris (University College London, UK), Ian Pryke (George Mason University, Washington DC, U.S.), Michael Sheehan (University of Swansea, UK), Olivier Rerolle and Sebastian Rieder (Eurisy) as well as Deganit Paikowsky (University of Tel Aviv, Israel, via teleconference). Their contributions will be part of the Yearbook on Space Policy 2009/2010, which will be edited by ESPI’s Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Spyros Pagkratis and Blandina Baranes and which is planned to be published by SpringerWienNewYork in spring 2011 (for previous Yearbooks see here).

Contributors to the Yearbook on Space Policy 2009/2010 from left: Spyros Pagkratis (ESPI), Rainer Sandau (ISPRS), Ian Pryke (Geroge Mason University, Washington DC), Lesley-Jane Smith (Leuphana University), Christophe Venet (University of Tübingen), Blandina Baranes (ESPI), Michael Sheehan (University of Swansea), Simonetta Cheli (ESA), Ray Harris (University College, London), Heike Wieland (GSA) and Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI)

During the session

The Autumn Conference was further attended by members of ESPI’s Advisory Council and General Assembly. It provided for an in-depth exchange on current issues in space policy. The organisation of the event was sponsored by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), which was able to benefit from the presence of the leading experts in the way that in the afternoon of the second conference day, three panels – composed by the contributors to the Yearbook and ESPI Resident Fellows – brainstormed under the moderation of Helmut Staudenrausch from DLR’s Programme Directorate. The issues for this open and stimulating exchange were New trends in Earth observation, Space applications in Europe and Space and international relations.

Panel "New trends in Earth observation" from left: Co-moderator Herbert Allgeier (Chairman of the ESPI Advisory Council), Simonetta Cheli (ESA), Ray Harris (University College, London), Christina Giannopapa (ESPI), Christophe Venet (University of Tübingen) and Moderator Helmut Staudenrausch (DLR)

Panel "Space applications in Europe" from left: Co-moderator Alfredo Roma (Member of the ESPI Advisory Council), Veronica La Regina (ESPI), Olivier Rerolle (Eurisy), Heike Wieland (GSA), Sebastian Rieder (Eurisy) and Moderator Helmut Staudenrausch (DLR)

Panel "Space and international relations" from left: Co-moderator Harald Posch (Chairman of the ESPI General Assembly), Ian Pryke (George Mason University, Washington DC), Jana Robinson (ESPI), Michael Sheehan (University of Swansea), Lesley-Jane Smith (Leuphana University) and Moderator Helmut Staudenrausch (DLR) 










photo credit: ESPI

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