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5 March 2009. The EU Draft Code of Conduct has broadly been welcomed as a major initiative in organizing space activities. This new issue of “ESPI Perspectives” shows how Europe should seek Japan as an important partner in achieving the goals contained in its proposal.

In January 2007, the anti-satellite test (ASAT) conducted by China highlighted the issue of space security. In order to ensure the safety of current space activities and the space activities of the next generation not only with regard to ASAT but also with regard to space weapons, existing international law has to be complemented. The European Union (EU) has recently prepared a draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities (EU CoC) which responds to the issue of space security. The actual prospect of the EU CoC is open and the EU will need to find allies to make it universally accepted. With Japan being one of the major space-faring nations, and also considered as one of the “key partners” according to the proposed document, this paper considers Japan’s potential contribution to the EU CoC. Sharing many of the EU’s goals and values in regard to outer space policies, the question to consider is how the Far East and Western nations could cooperate to assure the peaceful use of outer space.


ESPi Visiting Researcher Yukiko Kodachi

The author of this issue of “ESPI Perspectives” , Yukiko Kodachi, is a PhD candidate in space law at Keio University, Tokyo. She prepared this paper during her stay from January to February 2009 as a Visiting Researcher at ESPI.

- ESPI Perspectives 19: "The European Union Draft Code of Conduct  -  An Opportunity for Japanese-European Cooperation"







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