report6_thumb.gif 5 May 2008. The ESPI Report “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007” is increasingly being used by various stakeholders in the space community and becomes a reference publication.

The ESPI Report  “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007” , performed by ESPI’s Research Fellow Nicolas Peter, investigating global political and economic trends, as well as the size and developments of the global space sector has become a reference in the space sector. In the few months since its publications, this thorough analysis of the major space events that occurred between January 2006 and June 2007 has been used as a source or support document for a series of key publications.

ESPI Research Fellow, Nicolas Peter

The Report was first contained as Annex to the non-public document ESA/C/(2007)127 entitled “The European Space Sector in the Global Context – ESA Annual Analysis 2006-07” which was prepared for the ESA Council meeting on 2 October 2007. It was also used as reference material for the ESA publication “European Space Technology Master Plan” published in December 2007 that has been issued by the ESA executive for the attention of delegations and the European industry.

“Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007” is also a major reference in the NATO document “NATO Space Operations Assessment” currently under development. Furthermore, ESPI’s annual analysis has been used as a source for “The Space Report 2008: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity” produced by the Space Foundation's Research & Analysis division that examines and analyzes in detail the state of the space industry. This product has been widely quoted in the professional press. Nicolas Peter had been invited to be a peer reviewer – the only non-American - for this publication along four other distinguished specialists from U.S. key institutions. Furthermore Nicolas Peter has been invited to be a validator for the "Space Competitiveness Index" published by Futron, which is one of the leading space consulting companies in the U.S..

  report6_thumb.gif               the space report.jpg
            ESPI Report                 The Space Report 2008 

This broad reception and positive feedback to “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007” illustrates therefore the recognition of the work done by ESPI and the quality and relevance of its publications. ESPI’s annual analysis is also a major input to ESPI’s upcoming flagship product, the “Yearbook on Space Policy” that will be published by SpringerWienNewYork in May 2008.





photo credits: Space Foundation, ESPI

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