espi_report_13.jpg 5 September 2008. Today, ESPI released a report on “The European Architecture for Space and Security”. It provides information on European institutions in the domain of space and security and illustrates their interaction, based on a chronological analysis of the relevant policy documents.

Space and its applications hold a strong potential for security purposes. Europe has shown the willingness to unleash this potential throughout the recent years. For example, the European Space Policy establishes a link between space activities and the European Security and Defence Policy. However, Europe still needs a tuned institutional set up for handling space and security matters and an efficient approach to enforcing its position at the global level.

Against this background, ESPI is performing a one year project on space and security. This project is led by ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber. The present report is finalizing the project’s first half, dedicated to “The European Architecture for Space and Security”.


ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber

With a view to the future, the report gives suggestions for the way forward. These cover various issue areas. For example, Europe is called upon to continue and increase its use of space for security purposes, taking a multidimensional approach with a balanced mixture of civilian and military means. By strictly adhering to the principle of peaceful uses of outer space, it should serve as an example for other space powers, especially emerging ones.



In Europe’s institutional set up for space and security, a key role will be played by the co-existence of efforts at national and at European level. National activities will remain important for the domain of space and security. They can even be conducted cooperatively with other countries in a multilateral manner, albeit outside the official European structures. Regarding the European institutional set up for space and security, such Member States’ endeavours need to be seen in a complementary way and to be integrated as part of the architecture.

- ESPI Report “The European Architecture for Space and Security”

photo credits: ESPI, 

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