frus_2.jpg 6 April 2010. “The Fair and Responsible Use of Space” has been released as the fourth volume in the series “Studies in Space Policy” edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork. It provides a new comprehensive evaluation on how to achieve the sustainable use of space by means of respecting fairness and responsibility.

Space and its applications have become crucial for modern societies and the day to day lives of most of the world’s population. Accordingly, access to, and the use of, space capabilities has to be within reach of both developed and developing countries. Likewise, the utilisation of space by the current generation should not endanger the ability of future generations to benefit from it as well. These goals can only be achieved if space is explored and used in a fair and responsible manner.

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The book “The Fair and Responsible Use of Space – An International Perspective” takes up these issues and discusses related questions against the backdrop of current events and potential future trends. It is organised into three main thematic blocks, namely “Current Questions Regarding the Fair and Responsible Use of Space”, “Fair Rules on Orbit” and “Achieving Global Engagement”. These elements are complemented by a number of analyses, as well as descriptions of existing boundary conditions. Chapters of the book benefited by the contributions of several renowned experts, in part drawing from their presentations at a conference on the same topic in November 2008. This conference, which was convened in Vienna, was jointly organised by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), the Secure World Foundation (SWF) and ESPI, which served as conference coordinator and host. The book is co-edited by Wolfgang Rathgeber, Kai-Uwe Schrogl (both ESPI) and Ray Williamson (SWF).

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Book contributors who participated at the ESPI conference of November 2008

The volume, “The Fair and Responsible Use of Space”, is intended to help shape and discipline the discussion of how a future international order of space utilisation might be implemented. It should enrich the debate which has been initiated at the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) under the agenda item “Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities”. In 2011, a working group will begin deliberations on this topic. The working group will be chaired by Peter Martinez (South Africa), who contributed to this book as did Amb. Ciro Arévalo (Colombia), Chairman of UNCOPUOS.

- Order form for “The Fair and Responsible Use of Space”
- 21 November 2008: ESPI Hosts Joint Conference With IAA and SWF on the "Fair and Responsible Use of Space"
- 17 December 2008:  "10 Steps To Achieve the Fair and Responsible Use of Outer Space" online

- "10 Steps To Achieve the Fair and Responsible Use of Outer Space"

photo credits: ESPI, SpringerWienNewYork

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