7 June 2011. Ulrike Kuchner, graduate from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and PhD candidate in Astronomy, exhibits her artworks at ESPI for the next months. This outstanding way of communicating science to the public was very well received by an international audience, delegates from UNCOPUOS, as well as local friends and partners of ESPI.

The exhibition opening evening (programme here) event was dedicated to the thematic issue how science and art are connected and how creativity could be seen in both. The artworks of Ulrike Kuchner, the film of Phil Moran and the opening remarks of Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, Chairman of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) and Peter Habison (Austrian Representative of ESON, European Southern Observatory Science Outreach Network) had one clear message: artists and scientists are enriching our world, art and science are a source of inspiration, part of our cultural and intellectual heritage and has to be seen as something which is linked together.



From left: Elisabeth Roth (artplex), Peter Habison (Austrian Represeantative of ESON – European Southern Observatory Science Outreach Network), Blandina Baranes (ESPI), Ulrike Kuchner, Dumitru Dorin Prunariu (Chairman of United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space UNCOPUOS), Lucia Hudovernik (artplex) and Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Director, ESPI)


Ulrike Kuchner


By using scientific data of VIMOS (an integral field spectrograph) placed at the Very Large Telescope in Chile, Ulrike Kuchner is reflecting in her artworks not only the beauty of observation studies but also mistakes which are due to technical insufficiencies. “Measuring mistakes” the title of this exhibition, tries to examine how natural science can be translated and how science could be communicated through art.

A short film (download here), directed by Phil Moran, explains not only the work technique of Ulrike but also gives an insight in the artists emotions, thoughts and the desire that communication between scientists and the public has to be improved.

Delegates from UNCOPUOS and ESPI friends from the Viennese community enjoyed this summer event where not only fine art and science was part of the evening but also fantastic Jazz music performed by Duo Freudenthaler-Olah. This exhibition was organised by ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes in cooperation with artplex, run by Lucia Hudovernik and Elisabeth Roth.

ESPI conference room with artworks of Ulrike Kuchner


Duo Freudenthaler-Olah

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 Photo credit: ESPI

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