7 October 2011. During this year’s International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Cape Town, ESPI was represented by two of its Resident Fellows who delivered results of their recent work and publications.

This year’s IAC, organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), was held between 1 and 7 October 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa. It was the first time the Congress took place on the African continent. ESPI was represented by the Institute’s Resident Fellows Christina Giannopapa and Jana Robinson. They presented their studies during the National and International Space Policies and Programmes for African Development session on the first day of the Congress. Christina Giannopapa introduced her study and paper on “Policy Recommendations for a European-African Cooperation Using Space-based Applications”.  She also served as the session’s rapporteur. Jana Robinson reported on the results of her study and paper entitled “Europe’s Foreign Policy Objectives via Space: Europe Case Study”.  She also made a presentation on “Space Security Dimensions of Debris Remediation” at the 26th IAA/IISL Scientific-Legal Roundtable. The topic of this year’s Roundtable was “Towards Space Debris Remediation”. In addition, a paper by ESPI Associate Fellow Matxalen Sanchez Aranzamendi, entitled “Who is Launching State? Looking for the launching State in current business models” was accepted for presentation at the IISL Colloquium on Space Law and was presented on her behalf.


Christina Giannopapa presenting her paper

Jana Robinson presenting her paper

In addition to the presentations, both Resident Fellows had been invited to join various expert group meetings held alongside the IAC. The meetings included the IAA Commission on Space Policy, Economics and Regulations and IAF Committee on Space Security and its Dual Use Subcommittee. They likewise participated in the breakfast organized by the Women in Aerospace Europe in which ESPI is an institutional member. ESPI’s two book series, Yearbook on Space Policy and Studies in Space Policy were on display at the Springer Publishing House stall at the IAC exhibition hall.

ESPI Resident Fellows with the IAC commemoration flag which was hosted at ESPI during its world tour (see related webnews here)


- Policy Recommendations for a European-African Cooperation Using Space-based Applications
- Europe’s Foreign Policy Objectives via Space: Europe Case Study
- Presentation Summary: Space Security Dimensions of Debris Remediation
- Presentation "Who is the launching State? Looking for the launching State in current business models"







Photo credit: ESPI

Yearbook on Space Policy

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