8 July 2011. One Resident Fellow leaves the Institute and two Visiting Researchers from outside Europe have joined ESPI.

Having spent a one year secondment supported by the Italian Space Agency ASI at ESPI, Resident Fellow Veronica La Regina leaves the Institute after having completed a path breaking study on SatCom Policy in Europe (see related webnews here) and having conducted numerous presentations at SatCom related events. Her work considerably invigorated the European debate on policy-making in this field and was received by all stakeholders with great interest.

At the same time, ESPI has been joined by two Visiting Researchers staying at the Institute for one and three months respectively. Kate Becker is a Staff Assistant at the Space Policy Institute in Washington DC, the prime partner of ESPI in the U.S. capital for many years; Yoshinori Kobayashi is Director of Strategic Planning and Management Office at the Japan Space Forum (JSF), Tokyo, an institution ESPI visited in March this year. Both are conducting research on European space policy, using the resources of the Institute and interacting with the resident staff. Hosting two Visiting Researchers from the major space powers outside of Europe at the same time demonstrates the attractiveness of ESPI on the international scene.


From left: ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl with ESPI Resident Fellow Veronica La Regina and Visiting Researchers Kate Becker and Yoshinori Kobayashi

A significant contribution to the output of ESPI comes from resident Research Interns. Currently, the Institute hosts a group of six highly qualified and extremely motivated Research Interns from five different countries (France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the U.S.). They spend between three and six months at the Institute and support the Resident Fellows in the conduct of the projects.


Current ESPI Research Interns (from left): Marie-Gabrielle Bague, Christopher Lehnert, Claudia Raposo Correia, Renaud Abram, Rosa Rosanelli, Chris Wilkins









 Photo credit: ESPI

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