8 October 2010. ESPI Report 29 analyses the contribution of space applications to the fight against piracy.

The Report, entitled “Space Applications as a Supporting Tool for Countering Piracy –Outline for a European Approach”, points to the technical as well as political and strategic capabilities and limitations of space applications in the fight against piracy.

The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) has already examined maritime security in the context of the use of space applications in the provision of internal security, i.e. non-traditional security threats which might even come from within a nation’s own borders. To follow on from this, it seemed appropriate to conduct an in-depth study of piracy and the benefits of space applications in the fight against it. As a consequence, and in preparation for this study, together with the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) ESPI conducted an expert workshop entitled “Space and Maritime Security - Strategies and Capabilities to Counter Piracy”, which took place on 30 November 2009

It highlights seven causative factors for piracy and four determinants for effective counter-piracy policy. In this context it analyses how space applications can remove, eliminate or support the elimination or interruption of any of the causative factors. Moreover, it examines how space applications are supportive in bringing about the determinants necessary for an effective counter-piracy policy. In this regard, the report distinguishes between technical capabilities, research and development projects (both national and European) and actually implemented measures. As most maritime security threats are intertwined, the report proposes to consider the area of maritime security in an integrated manner without considering piracy separately from issues like illegal fishery or environmental disasters. It further identifies several categories of elements for a European Maritime Security Strategy (EMSS), which has most recently been called for by the Council and distinguishes space as one of them. The report is supported by an Annex highlighting the role of the existing institutional actors in the field.


aies-espi workshop_3
Panel moderated by ESPI Associate Fellow Nina-Louisa Remuß (center) with (from left): 
Patricia Romeyro Mascarenhas (European Union Satellite Centre), Rüdiger Koppe (EADS Astrium), Judge Helmut Türk and Franco Algieri 


- ESPI Report 29: "Space Applications as a Supporting Tool for Countering Piracy –Outline for a European Approach" available online 

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photo credit: ESPI

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