copy of buchpräsentation_1.jpg 9 December 2009. The latest volume in the ESA history book series, a thorough description of Austria’s way into outer space, was presented at ESPI with the participation of a large audience composed of Austria’s space community.

ESPI was selected to be the host for the presentation of the book “Österreichs Weg in den Weltraum”, authored by Bruno P. Besser and published in the ESA history book series at the publishing house Beauchesne. Organised by FFG’s Michaela Gitsch together with ESPI’s Blandina Baranes, the event (programme download here) drew an audience of more than 80 persons, bringing together the space community in Austria for a look back but also an assessment of future directions.

Moderated by Andrea Kleinsasser responsible for space in the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, presentations by the author Bruno P. Besser, FFG Managing Director Klaus Pseiner, ESA’s Head of Cabinet Karlheinz Kreuzberg and ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl led to a panel of space pioneers and veterans, composed of Amb. Peter Jankowitsch, Otto Zellhofer, Willibald Riedler and moderated by the Head of the Austrian Agency for Aeronautics and Space Harald Posch. The event provided a vivid picture of Austria’s proud tradition in space activities and its good positioning for a successful future.









The author of the book Bruno P. Besser









The moderator of the event Andrea Kleinsasser








ESA’s Head of Cabinet Karlheinz Kreuzberg









The panel with (from left) Harald Posch, Amb. Peter Jankowitsh,
Otto Zellhofer, Willibald Riedler, Karlheinz Kreuzberg













Speakers at the event (from left): Harald Posch, Andrea Kleinsasser,
Otto Zellhofer, Amb. Peter Jankowitsch, Bruno P. Besser, Willibald Riedler,
Karlheinz Kreuzberg and Kai-Uwe Schrogl


- Programme






photo credit: ESPI

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