persp_9.jpg 9 July 2008. “ESPI Perspectives 9” analyse Europe’s standing in the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) sector. Galileo’s perspectives on the international stage are discussed in the setting of the other (future) providers of GNSS services and the potential users.

The author is convinced that it is of major importance for Europe to reach out for international cooperation on different levels. Having brought Galileo back on track with the decisions on new financing and organizational structures recently taken by the European Parliament and the Council for Transport, Telecommunications and Energy it is the perfect time to concentrate now on the aspect of international cooperation. For Europe it is imperative to build up the cooperation with both, providers and potential users. Therefore different approaches, multilateral as well as bilateral will have to be followed. By now the stage has been set to make Galileo a system with a global reach, technically speaking. Still, Galileo needs support from the political side to effectively reach users worldwide and extend European influence and recognition.


ESPI Research Intern Katharina Stoffl

This issue of “ESPI Perspectives” has been prepared by Katharina Stoffl who has been research intern at ESPI from January to July 2008. She has written her master’s thesis on European Space Policy and graduated from the University of Innsbruck in December 2007. Katharina Stoffl has been an intern at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs before working for ESPI. In October this year she will join the Diploma Course of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.


"Galileo goes global. What to expect from Europe in     
   establishing the navigation satellite 'system-of-systems' "

photo credit: ESPI

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