straw  logo.jpg 9 March 2010. ESPI Fellows were invited to provide expert advice to two EC Framework Programme projects dealing with space strategy and governance.

In a meeting on 9 March 2010 in the framework of the FP 7 project STRAW (Security Technology Active Watch) (related webnews see here), ESPI Associate Fellow Nina-Louisa Remuss participated for the second time in her function as member of the expert panel. Discussions centred around the topics “integrated border management” and “critical infrastructure protection”. Speakers, participants and experts agreed on the importance of incorporating users in the development of the Security Technology Active Watch. The results of STRAW, that is the STRAWiki as well as the Active Security Technology Watch (ASTW), provide a building block towards the development of a European Security Network (ESN) and thus contribute to achieving a more integrated approach in the provision of security.



ESPI Associate Fellow Nina-Louisa Remuss

Earlier, on 9 February 2010, ESPI Resident Fellow, Jana Robinson, was invited to participate in a workshop organised by Technopolis Group, Manchester University, and the Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU STEP) regarding its study on “Analysis of Public Research Institutes in Europe in Select S&T Fields: Historical Evolution and Future Scenarios”. The working group on the civilian space sector, one of six thematic areas, provided their views concerning space-related policy and challenges to help shape future S&T policy deliberations.

jana robinson.jpg 

ESPI Resident Fellow Jana Robinson


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photo credits: ESPI, EU

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