sfondo_inte_second9 October 2007. During the 9th European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) in Rome, ESPI presented recent results of its work supporting European decision-makers in shaping their view on space applications.


EISC held its 9th plenary meeting with the participation of 63 deputies from 19 countries. It is the forum to discuss space issues amongst representatives from various countries thus coordinating activities of national legislatures. The importance of parliaments is rising continuously, complementing but also challenging the activities of the executives on the national as well as European level. EISC therefore has been growing in status and influence during the past years presenting original views and initiatives in the field of space policy, governance and applications.

The Conference dealt with the relation between the European Space Policy and its impact on the life of citizens and on enterprises, as well as on the public administration (more information can be found at www.camera.it/eisc2007). It provided an opportunity to raise the awareness of Parliaments, the business world, researchers and the public opinion on the importance and the economic and social potential of space infrastructure, applications and services. The two-day Conference was divided into four different sessions: effective use of space applications and services, the state of the art of joint EU-ESA projects, new aspects of competition in a global market of space activities and the Parliamentary point of view.



Numerous heads of space agencies and companies were invited to address EISC this year. In this context, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, ESPI’s Secretary General was provided with the opportunity to present recent results of ESPI’s work. He focused on the soon to be finalized study on “Case for Space”, where arguments for an investment in space are outlined. Investigating in the benefit, space brings to societal issues, the protection of the environment and risk management, the study provides not only arguments but also a great array of figures and data supporting this. Seizing the opportunity, ESPI also offered its continuous support for EISC through sharing study results and providing special analyses.

photo credit: EISC

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