17 April 2007. In the framework of the EU Council  Presidency, Germany hosted a conference on GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) in Munich. There, the "Munich Roadmap" was presented documenting the way to implement a European Earth Observation system. ESPI was represented at this event by Pierre-Henri Pisani and M.A. Jakob. Since the Baveno Declaration, which launched GMES, one of the most significant milestones was the "Graz Dialogue" under the Austrian EU Presidency in 2006, for which ESPI was the programme coordinator.
The role of the European Space Policy Institute in this context was reflected in the presentation of the "Munich Roadmap", which brings to life the results which had emanated from Graz. Especially the role of the Regions in the EU was reconfirmed in Munich and ESPI, with the support of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), contributes to the development of the role of the Regions in GMES and to a greater awareness of  this Initiative . This will also constitute a building block for the European Space Policy.

27/28 March 2007. Two main  Association meetings of ESPI ( 6th StC and 7th GA) took place. Core themes were governance of ESPI, budget 2006 execution, ESPI annual report of Activities 2006, discharge of  Secretariat, reelection of  Treasurer and sucessfull further evolution of ESPI in Membership, projects and perspectives.

IAF Spring Meeting – ESPI will have a strong showing at this year’s International Astronautical Congress (IAC) organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) held in September at Hyderabad (India). During its spring meeting, IAF drafted a programme, which has i.a. ESPI’s Secretay General Serge Plattard chairing the session on “Exploration and Discovery” and Kai-Uwe Schrogl chairing the session on “New Legal Developments in the Protection of the Space Environment” as well as Nicolas Peter being the rapporteur for the session “Economic and Cultural Benefits of Space Systems”. ESPI staff will also present a broad range of its research. Serge Plattard will talk about the role of space in ensuring long-term sustainability on Earth, Wolfgang Rathgeber about European cooperation with China and Nicolas Peter and Wolfgang Rathgeber on sustainability in the use of outer space. Alongside the IAF spring meeting, Kai-Uwe Schrogl participated in the Board of Directors meeting of the International Institute of  Space Law (IISL) and acted as vice-chair of the commission on policy, economics and law of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA). Through all these activities, ESPI will be able to provide significant input to the work of the congress.

Space and Society- The role of space for modern society was investigated at the 2nd Conference on Space and Society organized by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and other organizations, hosted by ESA at ESTEC, Nordwijk (NL). ESPI contributed in various ways through its staff and reasearch to this conference: The Secretary General Serge Plattard gave keynote address  on "The Role of Space in Ensuring Long Term Sustainability on Earth"  on Feb. 28 and contributed another paper on "The Strategic Value of Space: a Human perspective". Kai-Uwe Schrogl acted as chairman to a session on earth observation systems and was co-author of two papers. "Communicating GMES Challenges & Opportunities" and "A new approach in justifying Space activities- overcoming the dichotomy of utilitarian vs. "trans-ulitlitarian"

Commercialisation of Space and its evolution: Rolf Skaar was on US "field mission" to collect key data for this ESPI study. The project is supported by ESA.

ESPI was location host:"Petit-déjeuner francophone: Le Comité de l´Espace" of french speaking representatives in Austria on invitation of the French Ambassador at UNO, Mr. François- Xavier Deniau on Feb.16th. The presentation (F) was made by Mr. Gérard Brachet, Chair of COPUOS

UN COPUOS: ESPI will be present at 44th Scientific and Technical Subcommittee Feb12-23

GMES: The Secretary General had meeting in Bonn with DLR and  German Transport Ministry- BMVBS  in view of the in April scheduled GMES Conference in Münich of the German EU Presidency. (The follow-up of the Graz Process on GMES of the AT EU Presidency 2006) 

EUROPEAN SPACE: The Secretary General was speaker to this topic at the NATO Defense College Senior Course at ESRIN on Jan 31

CHINA: ESPI´s Wolfgang Rathgeber was on a field mission in China from Jan 13 - Jan 29 in preparation of a report to be published soon. A closed workshop  on the China report took place on Jan 31.

EU4+:  ESPI´s Charlotte Mathieu was on field mission to CR, HU, PL, RO, SK and UA to collect further information for an issuing report about their possible contribution to an European Space Strategy

SPA: Space Annual Report (c)  and contributions for ESA: Under the lead of ESPI´s Nicolas Peter a lot of brand new information could be gathered and assembled in an intern intermediate report.

Commercialisation of Space: ESPI´s Rolf Skaar plans field mission  in Feb. to the US to validate the first result of a to be published study.

SUPER (c): Space utilization promotion and implementation by European Regions: As a part of the follow-up of the Graz Process 2006, ESPI´s Pierre Henri Pisani is on steady relation with EU- Regions, CoR, ESA , Agencies and Industry to furrther develop the endorsed process. ESPI received therefore the role of an supporting expert.

HUMAN RESOURCES:  since 2005,  229 candidacies (54%M, 46%F) from 35 countries applied to ESPI´s  vacancy notices for 4 positions- There is space for SPACE at ESPI 

STEERING COMMITTEE ESPI:  StC7 closed session March 27

GENERAL ASSEMBLY ESPI : GA7 closed session March 28, ad hoc Fin.Com. closed session March 5.

Yearbook on Space Policy

India in Space: Between Utility and Geopolitics

A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

Space Resource Utilization: A View from an Emerging Space Faring Nation

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