13 March 2018. For the fifth time, Dr Annette Froehlich lectured at the University of Cape Town for the Master Space Studies and its course „Space and Society“. This module comprises lectures on the legal, governance, policy, regulatory, commercial and other aspects of space activities.

This master program was introduced the first time in 2014 and celebrates this year its 5th anniversary. The Space and Society course is the beginning of a two-year program of an MPhil in Space Studies and comprises lectures on the governance, policy, regulatory, commercial and other aspects of space activities.
In February, SpaceLab welcomed a new group of students from Pakistan, South Africa, the United States and Zimbabwe from a variety of backgrounds in science, engineering, agriculture and journalism. They will work together on this year’s team project around UNISPACE+50 which is intended to support decision makers in South Africa. Dr. Greg Olsen, the third space tourist who visited the ISS, again gave a lecture titled “From entrepreneurship to spaceship” (http://www.ghoventures.com/) and answered questions around his trip to space and his commercial carrier allowing him this adventure.
The SpaceLab offers a multi-disciplinary research-based Master’s degree in Space Studies, with the possibility to upgrade to a PhD. The course is intended for students with strong backgrounds in engineering, science, law and business. During its five years of existence, students of various countries attended this master program, especially from South Africa and other African countries like Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda or Zimbabwe, but also from countries like the US, India, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Taiwan etc.


The class is pictured above with Dr Greg Olsen, who flew to the International Space Station in 2005, and Dr Annette Froehlich (European Space Policy Institute seconded by the German Aerospace Center/DLR) and an honorary member of the SpaceLab faculty.


At this year’s Space and Society Course, SpaceLab welcomed several members of the South African Council for Space Affairs and officials of the Department of Trade and Industry, which also participated at this module. They are pictured above with Dr Olsen (centre) and Dr Annette Froehlich (right).

During her stay in Cape Town, Dr Annette Froehlich also met MP Anton Alberts who attended last year’s Space and Society course.


This year's lecturing was also strongly influenced by the continuing drought and the resulting water crisis in Cape Town and in the whole Western Cape region so that Dr Annette Froehlich had an inside how complex entities such as universities are working to overcome this crisis and provide mechanisms to reduce water consumption.
See more about the Master of Space Studies at: http://www.spacelab.uct.ac.za/spacelab


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