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1 September 2014. The director of ESPI, Peter Hulsroj, published a Letter to the Editor of the Financial Times  today. The letter explains how telemedicine could be a tool to supplement scarce medical resources in the fight against Ebola. The letter is an off-shoot of ESPI’s project on humanitarian telemedicine.

In the letter Peter Hulsroj  mentions first how it is our ethical obligation to assist those at risk from Ebola and those who are putting their lives on the line to fight the disease. The international community  must make sure that adequate resources are available to counteract this most serious health threat; first of all  by ensuring that proper and sufficient protective gear is to hand. However, this cannot be the only task. The international community must now also sharpen its attention and consider how all probate means of fighting the disease can be activated. One such means is telemedicine, which would allow scarce medical resources to be supplemented from afar.

Copy of the letter can be found here

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