Copy_of_Einladung_Filmabend 8 September 2010. Science fiction and space in the movies was the theme of an evening at the Filmarchiv Austria, which was jointly organised by this recognised Austrian institution and ESPI.

Initiated and prepared by ESPI Associate Fellow Thomas Balhausen, who is Key Researcher in the Filmarchiv Austria, the evening provided an entertaining look into the way science fiction fiction, including space, has emerged and developed as a theme in Austrian movie making. Thomas Ballhausen, who regularly contributes to ESPI’s work, i.a. in the contexts of the projects on Humans in Outer Space and Space and European Identity, provided new insights in the way, science fiction has been used by Austrian directors and received by the audiences for already one hundred years.
Audience during the presentation 

Thomas Ballhausen presenting

The evening was part of ESPI’s 4th Autumn Conference and was attended by participants to this event and Austrian guests, filling the Filmarchiv’s cinema presentation room. With this event, ESPI extended its regular excursions into the arts (with so far three exhibitions in its premises, currently featuring Gerald Martineo; for the opening see here). Space and the media will in the future also play a role in the topic of Space and Memory Culture, which ESPI will investigate in a future workplan.

Thomas Ballhausen (centre) with the Chairman of ESPI's Advisory Council
Herbert Allgeier (right) and ESPI Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl  













photo credit: ESPI

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