16 September 2013. The ESA Living Planet Symposium took place in Edinburgh from 9 to 13 September. The symposium addressed the whole range of Earth Observation satellites of ESA. One session provided a general overview of the Copernicus programme, and the ESPI Director, Peter Hulsroj, was invited to make a presentation ‘Copernicus, the benefits for democracy, the economy and our conscience!’. Furthermore, Financial Times columnist and ESPI part-time senior fellow Harry Eyres moderated a roundtable ‘How Copernicus can help to save our imperiled planet’. This roundtable featured Josef Aschbacher of ESA, Reinhard Schulte-Braucks of the EC, Pier Bargellini and Guenther Kohlhammer of ESA, and Peter Hulsroj


The presentation by Peter Hulsroj, ‘Copernicus, the benefits for democracy, the economy and our conscience!’, sought to explain how the data of Copernicus is and will be enabling good decision-making in democracy, will bring lots of socio-economic benefits and will enable us to keep track of regional shifts due to climate change. But perhaps most importantly, Copernicus is a crucial tool for our generation to ensure that we pass on a livable planet to the next generation!

In the roundtable many questions from the floor were centered on data access and the criticality hereof, although broader question on the public involvement in the utilization of the data from Copernicus and the role of Copernicus in the overall European project were equally addressed.

- Presentation by Peter Hulsroj




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