11 June 2010. ESPI was invited to this year’s Berlin Airshow “Aerospace Exhibition and Conferences 2010 (ILA)” to present recent work in the field of humans in outer space.  

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) invited ESPI Resident Fellow Gerhard Thiele for a presentation and talks at the Berlin ILA together with other European astronauts and high-ranking officials from the European Space Agency (ESA) and DLR. Under the title “Gestern – Heute – Morgen” a so-called “Astronauts' Day”, organised by ESA, DLR and the German Aerospace Industry Association BDLI during the ILA highlighted the events and successes of human spaceflight in Europe and Germany and provided an outlook into possible future developments.

Gerhard Thiele introduced ESPI and his new tasks at the “Astronauts' Day”, focusing on certain aspects of Human Space Exploration and the upcoming ESPI conference on the question of “autonomy” for Europe also in space. He particularly drew from the most recent workshop with astronauts from Far East to West he had organised at ESPI (see related webnews here) in order to explore the cultural foundations for human spaceflight. The presentation at ILA was the first of a series of activities to promote the insights gathered at that workshop.


ESPI Resident Fellow Gerhard Thiele (third from left) with fellow astronauts
and Simonetta di Pippo, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight


Gerhard Thiele appearing during the Astronauts’ Day

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photo credit:ILA

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