02 May 2017. Save the date !!! ESPI and ESA are co-organizing the conference “Space and SATCOM for 5G - European Transport and Connected Mobility” which will take place in Brussels on 27-28 June 2017. The Conference aims at promoting cooperative frameworks that encourage the interworking of satellite and terrestrial technologies in support to the transport sector at large, by bringing together the respective business and institutional communities. Special emphasis will be put on the roles and approaches of the diverse groups of stakeholders involved in the development of satellite based 5G networks and of future transportation vehicles.

 The European Strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, a milestone towards cooperative, connected and automated mobility addresses the profound changes laying ahead for the transport sector, both in Europe and in other parts of the world. While a wave of technological innovation and disruptive business models has led to a growing demand for new mobility services, transportation systems are developing towards connected mobility. The choice of the communication technology, which should be transparent for the end user, it will be based upon the location, the type of service and cost efficiency. For these reasons, 5G and satellite communication should be integrated as future technologies into the hybrid communication mix.

The Space Strategy for Europe underlines the role satellites can play to provide cost-effective solutions to improve connectivity for Europe’s digital society and economy as part of the future 5G networks, where numerous applications and services using space data will also require uninterrupted connectivity. It encourages the uptake of space solutions by integrating space into future strategies addressing the transport sector at large, including for example autonomous and connected cars, trucks, ships, trains, airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles.

At the conference, both policy and technology aspects related to 5G and future space-based solutions will be discussed, with a clear focus on markets where satellite communications and other space applications provide strong value-add and complementarity to terrestrial 5G solutions.

Participants will discuss the users and market needs on the demand-side and the possible solutions on the supply-side, outlining a way ahead which may include public-private partnership models, private investments, the EC 5G Action Plan and ESA R&D support activities.

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