kopie von africa workshop 24 june 2010 2 24 June 2010. Drafting policy perspectives in European-African partnership through the use of satellite applications were the main theme of the European stakeholders workshop organised by ESPI.

Experts from the Belgian High Representation for Space Policy (Lionel Poncelet), European Commission (Michel Bosco), United Nations (Juan-Carlos Villagran), EUMETSAT (Vincent Gabaglio), SES (Christine Leurquin) and Eurisy (Colin Hicks and Sebastian Rieder) participated in the Workshop, held today at Vienna. The workshop was moderated by ESPI Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa and co-moderated by the Belgian High Representation for Space Policy and upcoming Belgian EU Council Presidency representative Lionel Poncelet. ESPI’s activities in this context are closely coordinated with the Presidency in order to provide concise and useful inputs for the decision-making foreseen for autumn.

 africa workshop 24 june 2010 2
Participants in the stakeholder workshop organised by ESPI (from left): Michel Bosco,
Christine Leurquin, Cecile Desnos, Christina Giannopapa, Lionel Poncelet, Sebastian Rieder, Vincent Gabaglio

africa workshop 24 june 2010 
From left: Juan-Carlos Villagran, Colin Hicks, Christine Leurquin, Michel Bosco

africa workshop 24 june 2010 1
From left: Christina Giannopapa, Lionel Poncelet, Vincent Gabaglio

The topics discussed were the mapping of various European stakeholders and United Nations activities in Africa. Participants engaged in interactive discussions and analysis on a mapping of existing projects and cooperation mechanisms thus identifying existing gaps and good practices. Emphasis was given on drawing up policy perspectives on European-African partnership through the use of satellite applications. The outcome of the workshop will be reflected in an ESPI Report due in August and will be presented on 15 September 2010 in Brussels, the day before the main high level conference on “Space for the African citizen” hosted by the Belgian EU Council Presidency.

The workshop was the second event in the joint ESPI-Eurisy project on “Fostering a European-African Partnership in Satellite Applications for Sustainable Development in Africa” (the project is led on ESPI’s side by Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa) 


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photo credit: ESPI

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