PPPWorkshop_theme 15 June 2012. ESPI, in its capacity as IAP Ambassador Platform for the Central and Eastern European region, organised a workshop entitled “Partnership models for the benefit of space-based services: Identifying innovative funding mechanisms” at its premises in Vienna.

The estimate of the potential market involving satellite-based services is many times greater than the initial costs associated with the development of the satellite infrastructure. In this context, innovative funding mechanisms are increasingly used to develop markets and operate space-based solutions and services, whether for commercial or institutional customers. The necessity to continuously interact with the finance community to highlight the benefits and risks associated with the development of space-based application markets together with the need of assessing new funding schemes are becoming an important element to link the space sector to economic growth.

The workshop, organised by ESPI’s Resident Fellow Erich Klock in the frame of ESA’s IAP programme, provided a platform for discussing new mechanisms to secure an adequate level of financing for space-based services while reflecting various models for allocating responsibilities and risks between the public and the private sector. The event brought together leaders in space, finance, law, and business to discuss and identify ways in which space-based services might or might not suit various funding mechanisms.

Audience at the workshop

ESPI’s Director, Peter Hulsroj, and Harald Posch, Head of the Aeronautics and Space Agency of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, gave welcome addresses. Klaus Pseiner, Managing Director of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, and Marco Ferrazzani, Head of ESA’s Legal Department gave the keynote addresses. The morning portion of the programme featured speakers from ESA’s IAP programme, who described various projects that demonstrated venture capital-style funding and PPP feasibility and applicability to the space sector. In the afternoon, speakers explored an array of financing instruments and legal rules that might enable investment in space services, and brought the valuable perspective of industry players. At the end of the formal presentations, Peter Hulsroj moderated a round-table discussion where speakers were able to address questions and debate the issues discussed throughout the day.

Panel discussion with the panelists (from left): Peter Hulsroj (ESPI), Eyal Trachtman (Inmarsat), Christian Scherer-Leydecker (CMS Hasche Sigle), Philippe Glaesener (SES), Marco Ferrazzani (ESA), Didier Perny (Thales Alenia Space), Tim Just (UK Technology Strategy Board), Pier F. Lion Stoppato (Mott MacDonald Ltd), David Hodgson (DMCii)


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