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5 July 2013. On 20 June ESPI hosted an evening event at which presentation on ethics and space sustainability were given by Jacques Arnould from CNES, Filipe Duarte Santos from Lisbon University and Tare Brisibe, Chairperson of the UNCOPUOS Legal Sub-Committee. In the foreground were the relationship between ethics and space debris and ethics and ethics in relation to the use of satellites to monitor the health of Earth.

At this very well attended event, with many delegates to UNCOPUOS participating, Jacques Arnould, the Ethics Adviser of CNES, started out by giving a broad introduction to ethics in a space context, and particularly in the context of space sustainability. This was followed by a presentation by Filipe Duarte Santos, professor at the University of Lisbon, who explained how ethics must inform our choices on how we use Earth, and therefore also on how we use satellites to monitor and benefit from the resources of the Earth. The third presentation was given by Tare Brisibe and focused on ethics and space debris and on the processes though which ethics norms are transformed into legal norms.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion with the audience, in which both fundamental issues on the relationship between ethics and law came up and issues related to how  the inter-relationship then plays out in the context of debris and sustainable use of the Earth. 

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