ESPI Report 47

13 February 2014. ESPI hosted an evening event aimed at discussing concrete ideas emerging space countries could use to effectively increase their involvement in space. The event was organised in conjunction with the release of the ESPI Report 47 on ESA Enlargement.

After welcoming words by ESPI Director Peter Hulsroj and introductory remarks given by Elöd Both, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS, ESPI Resident Fellow Erich Klock provided a presentation entitled “A toolbox for interested countries”.  The presentation focused on the potential instruments and tools new space players could use in order to effectively engage more with space. It drew from the lesson learned from  ESPI Report 47, entitled “ESA Enlargement. What Interested Countries Can Do to Prepare Themselves for Ultimate Accession - With a Special Focus on the CEE Region" (link to the related webnews here).
Building further on the toolbox, Peter Hulsroj subsequently discussed the possibility of creating a broad multilateral framework for cooperative programmes, based on the example of ESA’s optional programmes.
Finally, Mr. Urmas Uska of the Estonian Space Office offered the concrete perspective of a new entrant in the space market and discussed the opportunities and challenges Estonia is facing in the demanding space environment (here).
The presentations were followed by an interesting discussion with the audience and closing remarks by Peter Hulsroj.


Presentation by Peter Hulsroj

Presentation by Erich Klock

Presentation by Urmas Uska


Webnews ESPI Report 47 available online


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