20 July 2011. ESPI, in its capacity as IAP Ambassador Platform, was invited to give a presentation on the use of satellite applications to enhance Civil Protection operational effectiveness, at a Polish EU Council Presidency workshop in Warsaw.

The EU Council Presidency workshop entitled “An integrated approach to more effective crisis communication” was convened in the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw on 19/20 July 2011. It was organised timely with the view of recent developments in this field and provided a platform for representatives of more than 15 European Member States, the European Commission and UNOCHA (United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) to present and discuss the current status of crisis communication and the next steps to be taken to improve the overall operational effectiveness in disaster response. To balance the technological as well as the social aspects of crisis management, the workshop was divided into two panels. Whereas the technological panel addressed the use of satellite applications and mobile services by Civil Protections, the social panel elaborated on new channels of information in the area of interactive media.

ESPI Resident Fellows Erich Klock and Mildred Trögeler gave a presentation on “The use of satellite applications to enhance Civil Protection operational effectiveness” during the technical panel (download here). This joint presentation of ESPI and ESA built on previous ESA activities in the field of Civil Protection and the outcome of the May workshop on “Space for Civil Protection”, which was organised by ESPI, in its capacity as IAP Ambassador Platform for the Central and Eastern European region. It stressed that the way forward lies in the greater use of satellite-based services, including the need to shape a legal landscape which guarantees the availability of satellite capacity on a cost-effective basis in the event of major disasters. In this context, a joint European user-driven approach dedicated to the development of a set of tools and services, and a federated procurement of space capacity in cases of emergencies would be an effective means to overcome existing shortcomings. At the end of the technological panel Pierluigi Mancini, Head of the Awareness and Feasibility Studies Division of the Integrated and Telecommunications related Applications Department in ESA, chaired the working session on the implementation steps of the workshop on “Space on Civil Protection” outcome. The results of the workshop will serve as an input to the draft Council Conclusions, which will be further discussed within the Working Party for Civil Protection (PROCIV).

Participants of the event

ESPI Resident Fellow Erich Klock during presentation

ESPI Resident Fellow Mildred Trögeler during presentation

- Programme
- Presentation by Erich Klock and Mildred Trögeler: "The use of satellite applications to enhance Civil Protection operational effectiveness"

Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Ambassador Platform for Central and Eastern European region

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 Photo credit: ESPI

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