29 July 2011. ESPI was invited to deliver this year’s core lecture on space security at the current summer session of the International Space University (ISU) In Graz,Austria. 

Jana Robinson, ESPI Resident Fellow, was invited to deliver a lecture entitled “Space Security in Europe” as part of the Core Lecture Series of the International Space University’s (ISU) 2011 Space Studies Program (SSP11). The SSP is an intensive nine-week course for postgraduates as well as space professionals from various disciplines. The curriculum covers both technical and non-technical subjects, including engineering, physical sciences, satellite applications, policy and law, management, and humanities. The core lectures constitute the bulk of the curriculum of the SSP and ensures that participants gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals and disciplines relevant to space programs and their relationships to one another.

The lecture on space security provided a basic understanding of the definition and concepts comprising this rapidly emerging policy field, as well as an overview of the European landscape as it pertains to space security. It introduced the principal actors and issues involved in efforts to adopt a coherent, sound and effective space security architecture as well as its coordination and implementation. 

ESPI's Jana Robinson with Angie Bukley, SSP Director

Jana Robinson during the ISU SSP11 core lecture on "space security

ESPI and the ISU have an established cooperative relationship. ESPI lectures at both the ISU’s SSP and Master program, as well as presents at ISU’s annual conferences. In February of this year, for example, ESPI Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl chaired a half-day session at the 15th Annual Conference (see related webnews here). ISU’s Walter Peeters contributed to ESPI’s Yearbook on Space Policy and John Farrow to ESPRAN’s Newsletter. A number of ISU representatives also participated as speakers in past ESPI conferences. Attendees of the SSP11 program will also have an opportunity to visit ESPI as part of their “Vienna Professional Visit” in August.


 Presentation by Jana Robinson: "Space Security: a European Perspective"






 Photo credits: ESPI, ISU

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