Logo_EU_Non-Proliferation_Consortium 9 August 2011. ESPI was invited to join a specialised European network of independent non-proliferation think tanks established in 2011 and supported by the European Union (EU).

ESPI will join a European network of researchers established to support Europe’s work on coping with the challenges posed by the proliferation of conventional and non-conventional weapons. The network is organised under the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium managed jointly by four institutes entrusted with the project, in close cooperation with the office of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The four institutes include the Foundation for Strategic Research, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The main objective of the Consortium is to advance the debate among research experts in the field of non-proliferation and disarmament, as well as to produce analyses and studies to support the work of European institutions, Member States and civil society.

By joining the Consortium’s network, ESPI will be able to contribute to the security policy debate related to space. Specifically, ESPI will seek to help inform the debate on efforts in the UN and other fora regarding the potential placement of weapons in outer space, represented, for example, by the Resolution on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space (PAROS). It would also offer its views on proposed measures related to preserving the peaceful uses of outer space, including the draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities proposed by the EU, transparency and confidence-building measures (TCBMs), and the UN-based initiative on long-term sustainability of outer space (see related webnews here and here). ESPI’s Jana Robinson, who leads the Institute’s Space Security Research Programme, has been designated as the point of contact for the Consortium’s activities.

ESPI Resident Fellow Jana Robinson (left) with Annalisa Giannella, Director for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament of the European External Action Service EEAS (centre) and Jean-Francois Mayence representing the Belgian EU Council Presidency, at a presentation in February 2011

Related webnews:
- 14 February 2011. ESPI invited to moderate an event on the draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities at UNCOPUOS-STSC
- 27 September 2010. ESPI Report 28 on “The Role of Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Advancing Space Security” available online
- 24 September 2010. ESPI Report 27 on “Prospects for Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Space” available online

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 Photo credit: ESPI

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