1 December 2010. In its role as the manager of the Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Ambassador Platform for Central and Eastern Europe, ESPI was invited to participate in the Warsaw Space Days conference and to co-organise a workshop dedicated to the IAP programme.

The Warsaw Space Days conference offered a major opportunity to gather and discuss issues related to Polish space activities and latest trends in the European Space Policy. These issues are particularly important as Poland will assume the EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2011. Moreover, the conference sought to demonstrate the impact of satellite-based services on the development of the Polish economy and recommend the most promising areas of application.

In the first part of the conference a panel discussion took place with representatives of the Committee for Space in the Parliament of Poland, representatives of the Polish Ministry of Economy and experts from the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The panel discussion was followed by an open discussion between the panellists and the participants of the conference.

As the second part of the conference, a workshop on ESA’s IAP programme took place, co-organised by the IAP Ambassador Platform for the CEE region managed by ESPI Resident Fellow Erich Klock. This workshop was an important part of the conference which introduced the potential of integrated applications. Its goal was to identify areas in Poland where integrated applications can be implemented as well as to inform potential users and stakeholders about the opportunities offered by the programme. At the beginning of the workshop, Erich Klock gave an in-depth presentation of “ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme and the role of ESPI as Ambassador Platform for the CEE region”. During his speech, he analysed the programme’s structure, objectives and methodology as well as the role of the IAP Ambassador Platform for the Central and Eastern European (APCEE) region.


The workshop provided information on IAP objectives and mechanisms and was a substantial step in forwarding IAP initiatives in Poland. A major goal of the workshop was to discuss how certain issues that Poland faces could be solved by space based services as well as to trigger specific projects.


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- Presentation: "ESA's Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme: the next step opportunity"








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