5 April 2011. ESPI delivered a presentation on the policy dimensions of the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) at the MilSpace 2011 conference in Paris, one of the leading conferences on space security. 

ESPI Resident Fellow Jana Robinson made a presentation at the annual MilSpace conference, organized by the SMi Group on 4 – 5 April 2011 in Paris (programme available here). The invited presentation (download here) focused on the policy dimensions of Space Situational Awareness (SSA), including the key role of SSA sharing in the drive for more responsible and sustainable use of space via strengthened international cooperation. SSA-related sharing, such as that represented by the SSA Sharing Program of the United States, is a vital transparency measure that contributes to advancing best practices in space. More widespread international SSA-related cooperation would constitute a potent TCBM that would help forge a code of conduct and reinforce the Outer Space Treaty.


ESPI Resident Fellow Jana Robinson during presentation


Other speakers at the conference included: Richard McKinney, Deputy Under Secretary, Space Programmes, U.S. Air Force; Col. Kary Mermet, Head of the Space Surveillance Division, French Air Force; Wing Commander David Keighley, CAS-AS Strat Space, UK Ministry of Defence; Col. Andre Dupuis, Director of Space Development, Canadian Department of Defence; Olaf Holzhauser, German Armed Forces; Erwin Duhamel, Head of the Security Strategy and Partnership Development Office, European Space Agency; Brig. Gen. Yves Arnaud, Commander of the Joint Space Command, French Joint Staff; Gerard Petitalot, Senior Advisor for Military Space, Franch Ministry of Defence; Patrick Chatard-Moulin, Crisis Management Planning Directorate, European External Action Service (EEAS); Rodolphe Paris of the European Defence Agency; Pascal Legai, Deputy Director of the European Union Satellite Center (EUSC); and Lt. Col. Michael F. Delorey and Maj. Phillip Verroco of the NATO Joint Airpower Competence Centre.  The industry participation included representatives of the Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI); Eutelsat; EADS Astrium; and the Czech Space Alliance.



- Presentation "Security and Policy Dimensions of Space Situational Awareness (SSA)"

- Programme of the conference

photo credit: ESPI

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