ESPI report 48

12 February 2014. On the second day of the Fifty First session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS), Alexandra Bonnefoy and David Gionet-Landry made a technical presentation on Humanitarian Telemedicine.

The technical presentation highlighted the findings of the ESPI report on Humanitarian Telemedicine. It first provided an overview of the concepts of telemedicine, telehealth, and humanitarian telemedicine. It then covered the role and importance of space in this matter. Thereafter, through a few examples, a closer look was taken at successful secondary care humanitarian telemedicine projects.
The presentation moved on to cover the gaps, but also the opportunities that exist in that field, particularly in primary care, and between industrialised countries and those in permanent need of medical aid. Following this, the possible ways forward to address these shortcomings were laid out. Finally, three prototype options were explained, noting that before a broad rollout of such concepts their suitability would need to be carefully assessed through prototyping.
A sample of the report recommendations was presented, and the future steps ESPI intends to take with regards to this topic were announced, namely, an in-depth conference on humanitarian telemedicine and the practical opportunities of implementing one of the prototypes.
Alexandra Bonnefoy and David Gionet-Landry’s presentation can be found here.

Alexandra Bonnefoy and David Gionet-Landry presenting the report at the UN COPUOS STSC on 11th February 2014

Report ESPI Report 48 entitled “Humanitarian Telemedicine: Potential Telemedicine Applications to Assist Developing Countries in Primary and Secondary Care” available online


Download: ESPI Report 48

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