copy (2) of espi exhibition_6 17 June 2010. Paintings by Austrian artist Gerald E.P.J. Martineo are displayed in ESPI’s exhibition, opened today with introductions by Jörg Schmiedmayer and Dumitru Dorin Prunariu.

A buoyant evening marked the opening of ESPI’s exhibition of Gerald E.P.J. Martineo’s artwork entitled “...from heaven to space...”. Martineo is an independent painter and sculptor living in Vienna. Always at the center of his work is the desire to make art less artificial and more real and tangible to the public.

For the presented works Martineo used a technique developed by him during 15 years on the basis of ultramodern synthetic material, which permits him to let his works of art flow over the surface limited by the format, into the third dimension. The density of the plastics is comparable to that on human tissue. In an exploratory experiments conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics at the Vienna University of Technology the works of art were exposed to high-dose radiation in order to produce changes of colour in the plastics. Tiny radiation sensors that had been in and outside the Mir space station for 428 days in outer space, where they stored the energy of cosmic radiation, were integrated into the works of art. The series of works symbolises the universe within and beyond space.

The exhibition opening was introduced with remarks by Jörg Schmiedmayer, Director of the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics at the Vienna University of Technology and Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, former cosmonaut and current Chairman of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS), for whom the artist has especially created two paintings. A large number of visitors from Vienna and UNCOPUOS delegations enjoyed the artwork by Martineo, which will be displayed at ESPI until the end of October. The exhibition was organised from the Institute’s side by Blandina Baranes.


espi exhibition_6_1
From left: Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Director ESPI), Jörg Schmiedmayer (Director of the Institute of Atomic
and Subatomic Physics, Vienna University of Technology),
Dumitru Dorin Pruniariu (Chairman of the United Nations Committee
on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space UNCOPUOS),
Gerald Martineo, Blandina Baranes (ESPI) and Klaus Pseiner (Managing Director FFG)

espi exhibition_11
Martineo and Dumitru Dorin Prunariu in front of the painting picturing
cosmonaut Prunariu’s spaceflight of 1981

espi exhibition_8

espi exhibition_12

espi exhibition_10
Gerald Martineo explaining one painting

espi exhibition_14

espi exhibition_9
Duo Freudenthaler - Olah

espi exhibition_13

espi exhibition_7
Yasushi Horikawa (Future Chairman of UNCOPUOS 2012-2014),
Jana Robinson (ESPI), Mazlan Othman (Director, UN Office for Outer Space Affairs),
Kazuhiro Miyazaki (Permanent Mission of Japan), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI)


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photo credit: ESPI

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