26 May 2016. On 3 May 2016, ESPI Resident Fellows Marco Aliberti and Matteo Tugnoli were invited to deliver a lecture on the findings of the ESPI Report “The European Launchers between Commerce and Geopolitics” at the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in Rome. 

The conference, jointly organised by ASI and the Italian Society for International Organisation (SIOI), was attended by a number of representatives of Italian public institutions and space-related industries, in addition to the students of the ASI-SIOI Master in Space Policies and Institutions.

After keynote speeches by Gabriella Arrigo and Arturo de Lillis from ASI, Mr. Aliberti gave a general overview of the report’s objectives and introduced the topic of access to space in Europe, by examining the key axes of new European launcher strategy as they emerged from the ESA Ministerial Conference 2014. In order to better assess the international background surrounding Europe´s policy on access to space, Mr. Tugnoli subsequently shifted the focus to analyse the most recent developments in the space transportation sector of the major spacefaring nations and emerging countries. Building on this, Mr. Aliberti and Mr. Tugnoli jointly provided a detailed analysis of the worldwide commercial and political dynamics shaping this domain, including key unfolding trends and their future impacts. Thereafter, they assessed the ensuing challenges and opportunities to be faced by European institutions and industry in safeguarding Europe’s future competitiveness and optimizing the political benefits of Europe’s autonomous access to space. Following the presentation, the conference sparked an enthusiastic discussion with the audience on a wide range of issues.

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