Programme_ECSL_Summer_Course 3 September 2010. As it has been the case for a number of years now, ESPI staff was also invited this year to present research results at numerous space related summer schools in Europe. 
At the Space Studies Programme of the International Space University (ISU) , the summer school of this leading institution for postgraduate space education, ESPI's Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl (who is also Adjunct Faculty of ISU) gave a presentation on space and security. The presentation, a "Core Lecture" in this Programme, took place in July in Strasbourg.

ESPI Resident Fellow Gerhard Thiele lectured at the summer course “Human Spaceflight and Exploration”, which was run at the Swedish Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna from 2 to 20 August 2010. His lectures focused on the foundations of Human Space Exploration and included results from a workshop with space explorers from East and West, which was held in spring at ESPI. Gerhard Thiele was also invited to evaluate the students’ projects on various scenarios for an astronaut selection. These projects formed an essential part of this summer course.

Staff from the summer course „Human Sapceflight and Exploration“ in front of the Swedish Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna. 
From left to right are Ingemar Skoog (Life Support Systems and EVA), Hansulrich Steimle (Space Flight Operations) and Carol Norberg from the Department of Physics of the Umea University, Sweden, who was in charge for the summer course. 
On the far right is ESPI Resident Fellow Gerhard Thiele.

This year's Summer Course on Space Law and Policy of the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) (programme here) currently takes place in Jaen, Spain, where the local Law Faculty acts as the National Point of Contact for ECSL. From ESPI, three staff are invited to participate in various functions: Resident Fellow Matxalen Sánchez Aranzamendi as speaker in a roundtable on Spain and Outer Space, Research Intern Vanessa Passoni as a tutor and Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl as a lecturer on the topic of the legal concept of the "launching State". ESPI already had a link to Jaen University's Law Faculty, since Assistant Professor Carmen Muñoz, head of the local organising team for the ECSL Summer Course, had spent one month at ESPI as a Visiting Researcher in the summer of 2009.

ESPI's Vanessa Passoni (right) and Kai-Uwe Schrogl at the ECSL Summer Course
with Carmen Muñoz (left), Professor at the Jaen University and former Visiting Researcher at ESPI

The invitations demonstrate the interest of the leading institutions organising summer courses on space issues in ESPI's activities and competences. These are also opportunities for strengthening ESPI's networking, organised through the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN) and for identifying future Research Interns for ESPI.





photo credit: ESPI


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