espran18 4 June 2013. The eighteenth Newsletter issue of the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN) operated by ESPI is now online

In this issue of the ESPRAN Newsletter, readers can find an account of ESPI activities during the first half of 2013. The period saw the publication of a highly relevant ESPI Report on Space Crisis Management, which elaborates on the concept of space crisis management, and proposes measures to bolster Europe’s institutional preparedness to manage space-related crises. Three relevant ESPI Perspectives were also published. The three ESPI Perspectives examined the topics of planetary protection in future solar system exploration; European-Russian space relations; and the regionalisation of space activities in Asia.

In house ESPI activities included three successful evening events, organised during the February and April sessions of the UN COPUOS, respectively on the Role of industry in ensuring that space provides sustainable benefits to all of mankind; on Marine ecosystem management through Earth observation data, and on the Relevance of general public international law for the space debris issue. Moreover, ESPI representatives contributed to a number of space-related events, such as the MilSpace Conference, the UNIDIR Conference in Addis Ababa, the European Inter-parliamentary Space Conference and the European Navigation Conference, among others. ESPI likewise organised together with the Vienna Business Agency an information day on the opportunities for business development offered through ESA’s Integrated and Telecommunication Applications Programmes.

Finally, ESPI is preparing the publication of the results of a number of projects on the topics of Humanitarian Telemedicine; GNSS Governance; Dual use approaches; ESA enlargement; utilization of space for implementing of “Europe 2020” strategy; EUMETSAT-NOAA cooperation; and space exploration benefit assessment.

- ESPRAN Newsletter 18


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