Copy_of_espi_webnews_120710_image2 12 July 2010. In cooperation with the Sky and Space Intergroup, chaired by MEP Vittorio Prodi, ESPI presented a study on open innovation in the space sector and the two book series in the premises of the European Parliament.

Opening the event (invitation here), MEP Prodi stressed the relevance of space as a tool for reaching objectives in numerous policy areas in particular the fields of environmental monitoring and climate change and outlined the important role, the European Parliament (EP) plays in shaping the European space activities and its related regulations (website MEP Prodi here). He welcomed the initiative of ESPI to establish links with the Intergroup Sky and Space in the EP, which he is chairing, and expressed his appreciation on the work conducted by the Institute. In the following presentation (download here), ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl gave an overview of ESPI’s activities before the Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa introduced the study “Key Enabling Technologies and Open Innovation. New Impulse for the Space Sector” (related webnews here). Following this, the editorial team of the “Yearbook on Space Policy 2008/2009” (related webnews here), represented by Associate Researcher Christophe Venet and Communications Manager Blandina Baranes (Wolfgang Rathgeber was not present), highlighted this publication as well as the book series “Studies in Space Policy”, which is also edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork.


From left: Christophe Venet, Christina Giannopapa, MEP Vittorio Prodi,
Kai-Uwe Schrogl and Blandina Baranes

The audience

MEP Vittorio Prodi (center) addressing the audience 

The presentation was attended by a select audience of representatives of the Belgian EU Council Presidency, the Council Secretariat, the European Commission, ESA, space agencies and industry. It was also joined by MEP Vladimir Remek (website here), Vice-Chairman of the Sky and Space Intergroup.

It was intended to develop further the visibility of ESPI vis-à-vis the political decision-makers in Europe. The cooperation with the Intergroup is foreseen to continue with future joint events in the European Parliament.

Vladimir Remek (left) with Kai-Uwe Schrogl and Christina Giannopapa


- Invitation
- Presentation of the ESPI Report 24, the "Yearbook on Space Policy" and the book series "Studies in Space Policy"
- ESPI Report 24: “Key Enabling Technologies and Open Innovation. New Impulse for the Space Sector”

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5 November 2008. ESPI invited to give a presentation at a hearing in the European Parliament

MEP Vittorio Prodi (en)
MEP Vittorio Prodi (it)
MEP Vladimir Remek (en)








photo credit: ESPI

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